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The first dog that I could call "mine" was the rough collie Rebecka - not so old on this picture... Photo: Anna-Karin S.

Me and my mother together acquired the Pekingese "Selma" (Michiris Black Nice Lady) 1988 and that dog was the charm personified. She had many peculiarities, such as so her best tricks were rolling around, so she did lap on lap if she could have treats ... She did not like when we had visitors, at those times she would lay in a corner and be moody until they left. If it was bad weather, she could refuse to go outside and could hold herself for a whole day if the weather did not get any better. If you were out for a walk, she could suddenly realize that one had gone too far and then she just turned and went home again.

One day when my dad had went out to hunt moose and sat and watched a moose cow with calf, he suddenly discovered that Selma is snuggling around the moose! Selma had shied away from home and looked up dad to see what he was doing - fatal! It went well, but Dad had to nicely go home with Selma instead of continuing the moose hunt ... But Selma was also a really nice Pekingese and also black and tan-colored so we tried to take puppies on her once. She got a chance and went to visit a nice champion in Roknäs. And there they sat in each corner and did not want to get to know each other at all! Now it sounds like Selma was mostly moody, but on the contrary she had a lot of fun and was a happy crazy ball of hair. Pekingese has a lot of fur! We were getting crazy during her youth period when everything just tumbled. And when she unleashed hair, you could brush off whole boxes full of wool. I felt that next time it will be a dog with a little less amount of fur ...  

Selma snuggling with me in the grass :) Photo: Johan S.

When I sold my last pony (I had got too long legs - they hit the jumps!) I told my parents that I wanted to buy a Japanese Chin in exchange. I had read about them and looked at the pictures of them in my mothers books of dog breeds. They were closely related to the Pekingese and I loved my Selma, but at the same time the Japanese had smaller amounts of fur, longer legs and were lighter in the body. And they were very sweet. We bought old numbers of the papers from the Japanese Chin club of Sweden and I watched which kennels were there, how nice dogs they had, and we rang and heard if anyone should have puppies. My first Japanese Chin became so "Znurran". Her real name was Linroos zhi Znurran and she was born 1991-12-04. She became my best friend during my teens and followed me everywhere and seemed to enjoy that. She was riding a bicycle basket while I was riding my moped when traveling to the village. She had to ride with me on the horses back when I was out and rode and we got to busy roads or deep snow. She participated in messy parties, moved several times and always took everything with a beautiful calm. Children could sit on her and she barely moved.

She got a CC at show but unfortunately she was a bit too dark and had too little show to become an show champion. We tried to have puppies on her a couple of times but unfortunately we did not succeed, even though we found such a fancy champion to her ... These dogs with strong wills ... :) Znurran would not become an agility dog, she did not have enough drive for such a thing. But she was a very nice dog that no one could not enjoy. People who claimed that they didn't like dogs became reversed and she had a way that must be the ultimate for a pure pet dog. Because she also made me stuck for the breed (for all future?) that I did, you understand that she was special to me. She died of pneumonia in the veterinary station's bed together with the male veterinarian just before she was twelve years old. But then I had already had Beatriz for a while, so I did not get without a dog. Beatriz has her own page on the website where you can read more about her.
In the summer of 2006, I submitted my application for kennel names to SKK and in December it was approved. Now there was not puppies as soon as I had planned but now I have a kennel name and plans for the future ... :)


Znurran (Linroos zhi Znurran), Japanese Chin and Selma (Michiris Black Nice Lady), Pekingese Spring -92 and Autumn -93  Photo: Anna-Karin S.                                            
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